When I’ve a couple times, “Daniel, what’s in you that allows you to go to the deep emotional places you go to?”

I consider my ten years as student and teacher of The Meisner Technique of Acting at the Bay Area Acting Studio to be a major stop on the track of my life. Emotional exploration using Meisner is absolutely instrumental in my ongoing creativity outside of acting - including composing music, writing plays and books, choreography, and social dancing. If you’re ready for an intense breakthrough in acting for film or theater, or if you need creative connection in your life outside of acting, I highly recommend scheduling sessions with me. I want to share with you my application of the Meisner Technique in order to clarify and unearth the fundamental creative surge that already exists in you - the same surge that you’ve buried under anxiety and “modesty” your entire life. Let me help you identify and tackle the fears that prevent you from delivering your best product. Will these sessions be therapy? No. Will they be therapeutic? Yes. Above all else, my sessions are oriented toward EXECUTING your projects.

Let’s talk, then let’s do.