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For decades I watched dancers do their thing without ever having the bravery to participate. Then, in March of 2011, I stepped into the Big Apple Ranch, NYC, and was literally pulled to the floor and into the country dance scene. After one night, here’s what I recognized - which continues to be very true:

1) Social dancing is a far healthier, affordable alternative to merely hanging out at a bar.

2) Social dancing keeps the evening focused and action-packed.

3) Social dancing is expressive and musical.

4) Social dancers are very welcoming, friendly, respectful, and super sexy no matter what body type.

5) Confidence on the dance floor elevates confidence in the rest of your life.

6) Social dancing is wildly FUN!

So, knowing I had A LOT of catching up to do, I began eight years of weekly private lessons with Country World Champion Richard McMurrich. Because Richard is such a technical precisionist, quite frankly I eventually learned more than most social dancers will ever learn about technique and musicality.

I offer fun, action-packed private lessons in Two-Step and Line Dance that will quickly transform you from a timid non-dancer into a confident dancer who can own the floor and connect responsively to any partner. I’ll supplement the techniques I was taught with my personal “tricks” and techniques that I found most effective to help me connect my core to my limbs and feet - all of which will make you look good out there on the floor.

I know what it feels like to start from zero. To feel too shy to get out on that floor. I know how to help you rise above that fear. And I know how becoming more confident on a dance floor helps your confidence in the rest of your life - at work, in relationships, and socially. I want to help you get out on that dance floor and participate in a truly joyful, healthy, unapologetic form of expression.


Line Dance Sample with Daniel Tobias

Two Stepping with Lisa

Very Fast Two Step with Kayla - we both look super concentrated!

West Coast Swing Sample 1

West Coast Swing Sample 2